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Produced & Directed by

Stacy Goldate & Craig A. Colton


Executive Producers

Craig A. Colton

Stacy Goldate

Lauren Lexton


Edited by

Craig A. Colton


Cinematography by

Craig A. Colton

Stacy Goldate

Gustavo Acosta

José Collazo


Music by

Daniel Lessner


Consulting Producers

Judy Korin

Mik Moore



Tamara Gussman Stein

Ronny Sydney

Fred Genetti

Dave Beattie

Alcee Hastings

Ashley Walker

Senator Nan Rich

Mitch Ceasar

Jack Mendelson

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Rose Weber

Karen Hoffman
Howard Finkelstein

Governor Rick Scott

Governor Charlie Crist

Selma Silberstein

Cheryl Stein

Steve Abrams

Jack Dietchman

Bruce Bandler

Jack Shifrel

Andrea Joy Bellitte

Caroline Davis

Sid Feldman

Peter A Di Rosa

Miriam Mendelson

Judy Henry

Vivian Jones

Minerva Nazario

Eliassi Carson

Ana Agosto

Maite Isabel Mauras

Luz Mariel Nazario

Jeremiah Mauras

Benjamin I. Nazario

Tony Fransetta

Pastor Carlos Lugo

Jeff Johnson

William Bromberg

Rep Ted Deutch

Rebecca Fleischman

Myra Pinto

May T. Abrams

Dennis S. Conklin

Dolly Rump

Carol Smith

Vice President Joe Biden

Craig Goldate


Main Titles By

Emma Berliner

Web Designer and Graphics

Lindsey Arnold

Marketing Consultant

Lindsey Arnold

Key Art

Ezra Claytan Daniels

Yen Tan



JC Wegman


Archival Producer

Gabriella Ricketts


Additional Archival Research:

Scott Recchia

Sarah Madden

Eva Lube


Online Editor

Peter R. Berg


Finishing Coordinator

Jerry Kontogioris



Harris Charalambous


Supervising Sound Editor: Ugo Derouard


Re-recording Mixers: Preston Edmondson & Ugo Derouard


Dialogue Editor: Preston Edmondson


Studio Intern: Mason Schmidt


Promo Editor

Michael Mahoney


Additional Camera

Joanna Arnow

D. Jason Ellington

Moriah Jordan

Stephen Gaskell

Melissa Espinosa


Assistant Editors

Eduardo Cohn

Ben Ireland

Sekahng Oh



Rebecca Bozzo



Geraldo Puga



Nicole Kristal

Brian Rosenthal

Julia Davis



Legal Counsel

Rosen Law Group

Phillip L. Rosen


Clearance Counsel

Donaldson + Callif, LLP

Alexandre Yousefzadeh, Esq


Fiscal Sponsor

Fractured Atlas


Impact Producer

Sarah Lewis



Post Production Facilities

The Garrison

Authentic Entertainment

UgoSound Studio



Production Insurance

John W. Hart

State Farm



Additional Music Composed by 

Ken Berry

Tamara Gussman Stein


Tamara Gussman Stein Original Piano Compositions

Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis Tennessee


Score Supervisor and Mixer

Daniel Wehr


Additional Music and Orchestration

Daniel Wehr and Marcus Zierhofer


Trumpets: Chris Tedesco



"Democracy Threatened"

Written and performed by Alastair Adams and Max McGuire

Published by Daniel Lessner Music


"The Sweet Life"

Written and performed by Kenny Wood 

Published Kenny Wood Music


"Two Condos"

Written and performed by Peter Zachos

Published by Daniel Lessner Music


"A Stairway To Paradise"

Written by George Gershwin

Arranged and Performed by Peter Zachos

Published by Daniel Lessner Music


Funding Generously Provided in Part by

California Institute of Contemporary Arts

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