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"A timely reminder that grass-roots political activism can be initiated at any age..." 


- Gabe Cohn, The New York Times

"If you have any doubt about the power and zeal of older voters, I suggest you watch the fascinating new documentary, A Greater Society, online."

- Richard Eisenberg, PBS Next Avenue

"...fascinating...a different kind of political documentary..."

- Cinema 365

"This film will blow all your preconceptions of those working on the ground outside the 'bubble,' in a way too few docs do - with humor, appreciation of complexity, and compassion - and with hope for our collective future."

- Lucia Sommer, Afterimage

"This is a heart-warming movie that people of all ages, races and political stripes can enjoy. The film offers hope for our Democracy and will motivate people to vote in the November 2018 mid-term elections. The central message of this film can be summed up like this, if everyone felt as though they were their brother's keeper we would have a greater society."

- Jackie Jahosky, New Florida Majority

"A Greater Society is a beautiful film that tells the story of our lives, our personal interests, our collective needs, and the power of our vote. This film requires us to think about how we vote our values with the greater good in mind. It is a beautiful film of collective voting power and how everybody, doing their part, small or big, can catalyze real change."

- Josephine Kalipeni, Caring Across Generations

“Set in Florida, where vote counting is perennially in the national news, this film is timely and required viewing for anyone hoping to better understand the civic duty attached to voting.  Watching A Greater Society reminded me of the treasure trove of knowledge our senior citizens have with regard to lived political experience; and the sacrifices so many of them made (as women, as African Americans, as veterans) to secure the right to vote!  It gives you an insider’s perspective into voter mobilization, why every election matters and the imperative of teaching future generations not to take this civic responsibility for granted.”

- Carrie Russell, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Political Science, Vanderbilt University


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