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JACK is a veteran who walked out of restaurants that refused to serve the African American soldiers who served side by side with him.

He loves organic food, is President of his condo building and the Wynmoor newspaper with his wife, Miriam, who is Managing Editor, and drives to the beach in the early morning dark to watch the sun rise with his Rabbi.

Jack’s dismayed by American voters who don’t know their own nation’s history.

He’s also a life long Republican in a predominantly blue county.

Jack knows that he’s the political minority, but he’s determined to change that.

In the weeks leading up to Florida’s Gubernatorial election, he volunteers to be a poll watcher, works the phone banks, and meets with his Conservative Club committee to discuss strategies that will build a stronger Republican base within Wynmoor and Broward County…

…which he hopes will ultimately keep the incumbent Governor in office for a second term.

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