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RONNY is the President of Wynmoor’s Democratic Club. Before moving to Florida, she was a teacher, a lawyer, and an active campaigner for Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Dukakis.

She also served in the Massachusetts state legislature.

Ronny’s days didn’t stop being busy when she moved to Wynmoor. As the saying goes: “Once a Politician, Always a Politician”

Her biggest concern for the 2014 Florida midterm is getting out the vote. She worries that as Wynmoor’s super-voter population ages, the younger baby boomers will be too busy to take time to vote during non-Presidential elections.

So she stays busy herself - trekking the Wynmoor community volunteering at phone banks, setting up drop-boxes for absentee ballots, and delivering hundreds of those ballots to the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office.

All this while juggling an active work and social life – teaching part-time, daily exercise classes, dinner parties where political conversations go late into the night.

And who knows. If she can pull the right strings, maybe she’ll get a Gubernatorial candidate to stop by at Wynmoor.

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