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FRED is a retired history teacher from Santa Monica, California.

He drives a convertible, sleeps till noon, stays up till dawn and is grappling with his new identity as a retiree.

Fred appears more like an eligible bachelor than a senior citizen, but he’s searching for a new purpose in life.

The problem is, he worries about politicians and voter apathy in a state that’s large and a country that’s divided.

Fred wants to split; to disappear into the dunes of the Gulf.

But deep down, there is a love of democracy that won’t let him give up, especially during what he deems to be Florida’s most important Gubernatorial election in decades.

And helping to make Florida the first southern state in America to legalize medicinal marijuana would be an added bonus.

The question is: will this election leave him feeling empty and bored or will it refuel his activism?

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